Travels, Mummies and a famous Queen: ancient Egypt in the Pacific Northwest

The summer seems to have finally arrived here in Vancouver and we have a few exciting posts coming up shortly. Let us summarize:

1. Visit to Egypt exhibit in Tacoma, WA

On Thursday of this week (that is June 30) we are planning to make a visit to Tacoma, WA to see the ‘Wrapped: the Search for the Essential Mummy’. This small exhibit, which is housed at the Washington State Historical Society (WSHS), highlights the local history of the mummy ‘Ankh-Wennefer’ as it arrived in the Seattle-Tacoma area as well as of a Tacoma businessman, who is responsible for the mummy arriving here. For more details, visit the local website of the WSHS.

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Brief Review of ‘Before the Pyramids’ and Visiting Panechates at the Vancouver Museum

Brief Review of ‘Before the Pyramids’

Before the Pyramids by C. Knight & A. Butler
Front cover of ‘Before the Pyramids (1)

When you look through the Ancient History section in any bookstore, one is bound to find books, which make one wonder, why they were placed there in the first place?As we have looked at James Patterson’s book on the Murder of King Tut before, so another book has called upon my curiosity. Written by Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, the book is entitled ‘Before the Pyramids‘ and deals not only with the alignment and construction of the pyramids, but also with sites in England as well as the modern structure of the Pentagon in the United States. In contrast to Patterson’s work, this publication has endeavored to step further into the realm of speculation (2). As they state in their introduction,

“we began with an important archaeological breakthrough but ended with what our publishers believe is a full-blooded rival for any Dan Brown novel. However, the difference between our work and a novel is that everything contained in these pages is true – fully testable and checkable.” (3)

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‘Ancient Egypt’ among us: finding the Two Lands in Works of Fiction

Fiction or Non-Fiction?

In a recent volume of KMT (1), a fictional book on ancient Egypt was reviewed and bore the title ‘The Pyramid of Doom‘, written by Andy McDermott. Mr. Adams, the reviewer, stated that

Zahi Hawass, head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, recently announced he will no longer respond to petitions by misguided seekers-of-truth asking him to excavate under the Sphinx for the so-called “Hall of Records.”

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