Saving el Hibeh

Over the last few days, I have followed the continuous horror that keeps unravelling at the site of El Hibeh, south of Cairo in Egypt, as there are reports of continuous looting. A Facebook group was recently established and shows some shocking images of the length these looters go to.

Facebook group – Save el Hibeh Egypt

In order to support the archaeological team that is active here, a petition was created, giving you an opportunity to sign it and show your support.

Petition – Protect Egypt’s Archaeological Sites – they are aiming for 1,000 signatures to start and are already at over 700!

A video was also posted on YouTube urging action to sign the petition and explaining more about these abhorrent developments.

One needs to stay mindful that looting is only a single aspect of other overall problems affecting an archaeological site in Egypt. Besides the rising population in Egypt and with that the expansion of its cities (just look at Giza Plateau in modern Cairo!), the security of the sites cannot be guaranteed for forever. We can only remain hopeful that these shocking news and developments at el Hibeh will cease as soon as possible.

For information on the el Hibeh expedition and project, please visit the team’s website at

Forever more do we hope these astounding structures shall survive the tides of time.

Elephantine Island in modern Aswan, Egypt
Elephantine Island in modern Aswan, Egypt
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